Couple Smiling“I enjoy the facility. I am very happy with the staff. They treat me very well and take excellent care of me. At this point I wouldn’t want to be any other place.”
M. Leblanc – Resident

“I really have adapted well. We have lots of space both inside and outside. I enjoy spending my time on the front porch rocking in the rocking chairs. Overall, I am happy being here and have decided that if I have to be in a nursing home, this is definitely where I want to be.”
N. Fussell – Resident

“This facility is the best!!!! If you admit to the facility with a positive outlook on the situation, it makes a world of difference. Understanding what I can and cannot do helps make my situation much easier. All of the staff from Administration down treat us with respect and dignity. I always feel welcome, not a burden, and know that the staff is not her just for the paycheck. It is because they honestly care. Looking back I ask myself if I would do anything different and I can honestly say no, I am happy here.”
M. Strickland – Resident

“Everything is on the up and up. I’ve been all around the world and this place is one of my favorite places. Everyone treats me with respect and dignity. Seems that everyone pulls their load and does it with happiness. This place is truly remarkable.”
R. Long – Resident